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P&G 4 Travel

P&G 4 Travel was founded in 2009 by two passionate women, Patrizia and Sonia, who decided after several years working in tourism, to join their experiences and energies together. It is specialized in the representation of touristic companies and it is supported by a motivated and professional team. P&G 4 Travel has established itself over the years as a reliable and competent company, thanks to knowledge, experience, motivation and enthusiasm in this area.
The offices of the company are located in the centre of Milan, in the heart of the metropolis, a few steps away from Garibaldi Tower which is the symbol of glamour and social life.

An all woman team

Patrizia Albanese

Charismatic and Glamour, she is always looking for places to discover.

Sonia Scotti

Passionate world trotter, she's able to found the perfect trip for everyone!

Daniela Russo

The accounting traveler, numbers have no secrets for her!

Giovanna Sollima

Sun and sea.

Loredana D'Urzo

Smiling and curious, she is always looking for new experiences